Welcome to the new:

Secondary Teaching Staff

Carol Pratt – CPT

IB-MYP Coordinator

Carol was born and raised in Canada, and with degrees in Science and Education, she moved to the UK to begin her teaching career as a Science/Biology teacher. She moved to Thailand as a Head of Science where she first started teaching within the IB programmes. As a DP coordinator, she moved to Brazil where she helped to establish the Brazilian Association of IB Schools and joined the IB Educators Network, then to China to authorise the IB DP at the British School of Beijing. She is also an experienced professional learning lead and her passion is empowering teachers and helping them to develop, which she did in her role as a Deputy Head of Secondary at BSB. She then moved to Cairo, Egypt as the Head of Secondary at Cairo English School whilst remaining the IBDP coordinator and ToK teacher. She is delighted to be at OIS with a new role in the MYP as a coordinator and to reunite with her love of teaching Science.

Aisling Standen – ASN

English in the IB-MYP teacher

Aisling has a Double Honours Degree in English and Geography, and a Postgrad in Education. Over the years Aisling has taught in Ireland, England, Malawi and Thailand. In her previous roles she has had a range of responsibilities some of which include KS3 Coordinator on the Secondary Leadership team, Head of Department and Whole School Literacy Coordinator. Over the years Aisling has taught English Language and Literature at GCSE, A Level and DP level in the IB programme as well as the Cambridge English as a Second Language course. In each school Aisling has worked at she has enjoyed getting involved in extra-curricular programmes some of which include affiliating her school with local charities, developing and taking part in community outreach projects, drama productions and sports. Aisling has moved to Portugal with her husband and they are both excited to be back in Europe. In her free time Aisling enjoys cycling, music, reading and travelling.


Carla Maccario – CMO

Mathematics in the IB-MYP and IB-DP teacher

Carla was born and lived most of her life in Portugal. She studied Chemical Engineering in Lisbon, Biochemistry in the USA and a obtained a MA in Education from the UK. She started her teaching career in an international school in Portugal teaching Mathematics and Science where she became the head of Mathematics. At this time, she became very much involved with the IB MYP/DP Mathematics programme as a workshop leader, curriculum writer and chief moderator. She is a founding teacher of OIS where, as the DP coordinator, led the implementation of this programme and taught Mathematics and ToK. She then spent three years teaching at the International School of Amsterdam and is delighted to be back at the school she helped starting, this time as Head of Mathematics. She is very enthusiastic to be back this “new, old” school and looking forward to exploring mathematics together with her students. Carla likes to read, hike and listen to music and is curious about everything that surrounds her.

Salvador Barros – SBS

Economics and Individuals and Societies in the IB-DP and IB-MYP teacher

Salvador joins OIS after having completed seven successful years as Teacher of IB Economics, three of them also as Head of Middle School and two as Head of Sixth Form, at an international school in Germany.
Salvador was born in Spain, but has lived over twelve years abroad (Sweden, England, Denmark, Switzerland and Germany). He holds a degree in Business Administration and Management and a Master’s degree in Secondary Education (PGCE equivalent) from the University of Valencia, Spain. His studies ranged from Business and Economics to History and Law. Salvador has attended IB Extended Essay and Economics workshops as well as IB conferences.
Salvador is a passionate teacher with a clear vision for students’ success. As an IB Diploma Economics Examiner Salvador has expanded his teaching skills and learned how to give invaluable insight for examinations preparation. Salvador is very excited about living in Portugal, joining the OIS community, and helping our students prepare for their futures. In his free time, Salvador enjoys surfing, reading, traveling and volunteering.

Rojo Gardiner – RGR

English, Spanish and French teacher in the IB-MYP teacher 

Rojo is a Malagasy national, with British father, born in Nairobi and brought up in French schools both in Nairobi and Manila. Gained her A levels in Malaysia in an English language school, and pursued her university study in the UK in Criminology and Spanish and studied Children rights in Spain.

Rojo always had an interest in the field of education and loves the outdoors. She started teaching as a camp coordinator and designed English immersion programmes for both young children and exchange programmes with teenagers coming from abroad.

She hopes that her international experience and joy of teaching languages will inspire students to learn and have respect for different cultures.

Primary Teaching Staff


Jonathan Chambers – JCS

IB-PYP Coordinator and Year 5 Teacher

Jonathan was born in Northern Ireland and has Bachelor of Education (Hons) degree from Stranmillis University. Over the past 20 years as an educator, Jonathan has worked in Egypt, Brasil and now Portugal, experiencing and promoting the best practices in Primary Education and leading key subject areas including Science, ICT and Maths.

For the last 10 years, Jonathan has embraced the IB philosophy and approach to education in an international, inquiry-based setting. As a former PYP Coordinator and Deputy Head of Primary in Brasil, he successfully led an experienced IB school through their third evaluation, receiving several commendations.

Jonathan enjoys keeping up to date with the latest innovations and research into learning, very much believing Seymour Sarason that productive learning is where a challenging, often frustrating but ultimately self-rewarding process engenders and reinforces wanting to learn more.

He is excited to be starting his next learning adventure at OIS!


Victoria Stewart – VST

IB-PYP Year 2 Teacher

Vickie was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, to a very multicultural family, including Polish, Colombian, Scottish, American – and even French and Chinese nationalities! An avid learner with a passion for arts and creativity, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies with Film & Television at Nottingham Trent University. Having always enjoyed working with children, Vickie was pleased to accept a job as Kindergarten assistant at Chapel School, the American International School of São Paulo. After moving to Portugal, her first experience at OIS was as Language Support for MYP students, which encouraged her to complete her PCGE in international education at the University of Nottingham. During her studies, she taught English as a second language to Portuguese pre-schools and, later on, became a Kindergarten English teacher at PaRK International School. She is very excited to be returning to OIS and inaugurating the new PYP section, working with a very enthusiastic team to develop open-minded and well-rounded lifelong learners!


Melissa Mourao- MMO

IB-PYP Year 4 Teacher

Melissa was born and raised in South Africa and moved to Portugal in 2016. After completing her degree in Marketing and International Relations through Monash University South Africa, she pursued a post-graduate degree in Finance. Whilst studying, Melissa took on a part-time teaching job and this sparked her true passion. This led her to eventually complete her Masters in Primary teaching through Monash University Australia. This is her third year teaching full-time in an international school and she sees everyday as a fun learning adventure with her students. She fully advocates the PYP as she has seen irrefutable evidence of learners´ growth both academically and holistically through the program.

Teachers Profiles


Alexandre Gelister – AGR

Global Politics in the IB-DP teacher

Alex was born and raised in London in an international setting and was educated in both the French and British education system. He studied political science and history (BA/MA King’s College London, Sciences Po), subsequently training as a history teacher (PGCE Cambridge). Over time, he has also taught many other subjects. Since leaving school he has lived and worked in South America, France, Spain, England, and now Portugal. His journeys are all connected by education: teaching English and French to children and adults in Cusco slums, a London refugee centre, and in schools in Paris and Vigo; sport to children in London and Cusco; history, philosophy, politics and maths to secondary school students in England. He is very interested in curriculum development in humanities and researching its impact on student narratives of the past (MEd Cambridge). Teaching at OIS is perfect as crystallises all his experiences.
Outside of school he enjoys sports, whittling wood, learning Breton, and walking and wild camping in the Scottish highlands/Hebrides


Allyson Connell – ACL

English Language and Literature, TOK in the DP teacher

Allyson B.A, B.Ed, M.A (University of Toronto), brings to OIS a wealth of experience and enthusiasm for the teaching of IB Diploma Programme literature and theatre. She has taught in Canada, Colombia, Chile, United Kingdom and Portugal. Allyson has taught IB MYP and Diploma programmes for a number of years and is a senior Diploma examiner for Theatre. She is particularly interested in theatre in education and has directed a number of challenging theatrical productions from Shakespeare to Ionesco. Over recent years Allyson has focused on the literature and language programmes and recently attended Diploma Programme training in Zurich for the new English A Diploma programme. As a student-centred teacher, Allyson sees her move to OIS as an exciting opportunity to construct programmes in a new environment that will inspire in her future students a love of literature and drama and a respect for the values they engender.


Amanda Murphy – AMY

Head of Pastoral Care / Vice-Principal

Amanda was born in Ireland, but grew up in Australia, where she had been teaching more recently for the last 14 years. She has a degree in History, and post grad studies in Religion. Amanda also has a MEd in Curriculum & Administration studies. She has been teaching for over twenty years and has taught in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Australia and Bangladesh. Amanda works for the International Baccalaureate Organisation as an MYP school visitor, consultant and workshop leader.


Ana Breysse – ABE

French Language Acquisition in the MYP teacher

Ana was born and raised in Mozambique. She graduated in Sociology, Philosophy and French from the University of Lisbon and CCI of Lyon, in France. Ana has a lot of experience in international exchange programs, both in Portugal and France.
After living several years in Provence, Ana came back to Lisbon to create a program of critical thinking and philosophy in French for children and has taught French as a second language. She worked for the Lisbon French School – LFCL, for several years and now she is very enthusiastic to join the OIS community.
Her international experience and abilities in critical thinking give her the understanding of the IB program and its values. With her experience and enthusiasm, Ana hopes to inspire her students, to motivate and give them the opportunity to learn, in an enjoyable way, the French language and culture.
Ana does yoga and meditation, she’s a volunteer of AMARA and she is passionate about theater, photography, trekking and reading.


Ana Durán – ADN

Drama, Spanish Language and Literature and Language Acquisition in the MYP teacher

Ana is from Spain and graduated from the Complutense University of Madrid. Living in Portugal for many years, she has been teaching Spanish as a private teacher to all age groups. She is very fond of music, reading and she loves dancing flamenco dancing. She strongly believes in the values of the IB and recognizes that language learning and communication expand minds and make life richer. Ana is looking forward to using her experience and enthusiasm to inspire students at OIS.


Ana Rodrigues – ARS

Portuguese Language and Literature and Language Acquisition in the MYP teacher

Born in Lisbon, Portugal. Degree in Modern Languages and Literature (Portuguese Studies) from the University of Lisbon (Faculdade de Letras de Lisboa). Specialization in Special Needs Education (Visual Impairment) from ISCIA. Teaching Portuguese language and literature since 2001, in the Portuguese public educational system, and also Portuguese for Foreigners since 2004, at some private companies and for the NATO community. The reasons I applied for OIS are linked to the values promoted by the International Baccalaureate and the way I see education for children and youth and also because I felt this was the moment to engage myself in a school. I believe that learning languages makes life richer and broadens the awareness of other cultures. I wish to bring joy and enthusiasm to OIS.


André Lopes – ALS

Mathematics in the MYP and DP teacher

André was born and raised in Braga, Portugal. He attended “Universidade do Minho” in Portugal and graduated with a teaching degree in Mathematics. He joined VIF International Education which centres on world language education, global awareness and cultural exposure and began his international teaching career at a public school in North Carolina, USA. Andre is an experienced IBO teacher and has taught in both the MYP and the Diploma Programmes. OIS is his third international school in Portugal and he feels fortunate that he has the opportunity to bring his expertise and contribute to the continuous development of the school as it becomes a reference in international education in Portugal.


Ann Drysdale – ADE

Year 6 teacher

Ann Marie Molano Drysdale, our new Year 6 teacher, is an American, born in Detroit, Michigan and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Daughter of Polish and Colombian parents, married to an Anglo-Franco Argentine and mother of two Brazilian children. She has been very fortunate to be raised in a multi-cultural environment, always studied and taught in an international school, speaks Portuguese, Spanish and English fluently.
She has a Master´s of Education for international schools overseas from Framingham State College and a Bachelor’s in Education from Mackenzie University in São Paulo. Her passions are teaching, tennis, travel and family. As an educator for 28 years at Chapel School, the American International School of Sao Paulo, Ann Marie is dedicated to educating children with a hope to motivate and challenge them toward a successful learning experience. By nurturing positive social-emotional student development, she aims to enhance their self-confidence and academic curiosity.
Ann Marie is very happy to be living abroad for the first time in such a beautiful country such as Portugal. She is also very pleased to be part of the educational staff at OIS, a very multicultural and charming school, and embracing the challenges for growth, development and excellence in education through the years.


Antonieta Gálvez – AGZ

Spanish A and B in DP teacher

Antonieta has a BA (Diploma) in Humanities, an LLB in Law (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú) and an LLM in International Legal Studies (Georgetown University). She is currently writing her PhD thesis in Law at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. She was a Law Professor at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú for several years and has taught the Spanish IB Diploma Programme for 4 years in Portugal. She is also an IB Diploma Examiner for Spanish Ab Initio


Barbara Guimaraes – BGS

Design, Drama and Music in the MYP teacher

Barbara is a Music teacher that brings enthusiasm, commitment and experience to her subject. After being educated in an International system and going through the MYP and IB Diploma Barbara moved to London to take her BMus at Trinity College of Music in Piano performance. Following this experience she took a postgraduate course in Events Management at City University and worked for two years at the Royal Albert Hall which gave her an initiate into performance skills, contracts and management application. She then moved to Portugal and had the opportunity to initiate a teaching career in the International System. Finding out that this was a passion she moved to Edinburgh where she took her PGDE and had the opportunity to teach at three different schools in the area. Barbara moved to Portugal and has taught in the International system since, becoming not only Personal Project moderator but co-ordinator for the Personal Project for four years. Barbara believes that music in an essential part of life and that it enables students to learn performance skills as well as learn some History, Math’s and general culture which supports the interdisciplinary commitment the IB requires.


Barbara Monteiro – BMO

Economics in the IB-DP teacher

Barbara is an eager teacher with training in Humanities and EAL. Skilled in project management, logistics and facilitation within the development sector with a background in event management and theatre. Workshop leader and curriculum developer. Former DP student at Li Po Chun UWC in Hong Kong. BA in Liberal Arts and Sciences with Hons at Utrecht Universiteit. Postgraduate certificate in Political sciences and International Relations at Universidade Católica, Lisbon. PGCE from Nottingham University.

BVan Rillaer

Bert Van Rillaer – BVR

Design and Dutch teacher in the MYP

Bert Van Rillaer was born and raised in Belgium and graduated with a master’s degree in computer science at KU Leuven University. He has taught various computer science courses for nearly 13 years as head lecturer at Erasmus University College in Brussels. There, he was also involved in the creation of a new bachelor program in Multimedia and Communication Technology and was part of the Mobile and Wearable Technology applied research group. Bert is experienced in competency-based learning and assessment. At OIS Bert is teaching Digital Design and Dutch Language & Literature. He believes that OIS is offering an ideal learning platform for students to grow and develop, becoming open-minded and lifelong learners. He tries to make the students enthusiastic about STEAM (Sciences, Technologies, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). He moved to Portugal with his wife and 2 children in 2016 and since then, he is passionate about surfing. He also likes mountain biking and mountaineering, but his main passion is playing the clarinet.


Christine Figueiredo – CFO

German teacher in the IB-MYP

Christine Ratzke de Figueiredo, born and raised in the North of Germany. Lived her adult life in Portugal, married there and had three children. The past five years she lived again in Germany. Her subjects in teaching MYP were: PE, RE, German and worked five years in the SEN Department. She also was responsible for the Community and Service Program for three years, as well as the Duke of Edinburgh Program. In Malta she attended an MYP workshop for PE. Also taught German in IB-Diploma level (Ab-Initio, B Standard and B Higher level). Throughout the last five years in Germany she taught German as a second language in a High school for adults (for more than one year), followed until the present date by teaching German in a German state school to many refugee children and foreign children. Over the past 20 years she has taught German to almost all age groups.
She believes that learning languages makes life richer and broadens awareness of other cultures. The profile of MYP is to her liking, especially being open minded, keeping our own values, as well as learning and accepting the values of others. Caring for others, showing empathy, compassion and especially respect towards others. Also very important for her is the Thinker, the creative and critical thinker.


Filipa Santos – FSS

Portuguese Language and Literature in the MYP and DP teacher

Filipa has a degree in Modern Languages and Literature (Portuguese Studies) from the University of Lisbon. She is currently preparing her Master’s thesis in Historical Patrimony at the Faculty of Social Sciences, to be defended at the New University of Lisbon. As a qualified and experienced teacher of Portuguese, she has always aimed to maximize the development of students. Enthusiastic and dynamic, she makes herself available to promote extra-curricular activities in order to stimulate the students’ interest in Portuguese. She would also very much enjoy to teach the Portuguese language and culture to students of other nationalities and joining OIS will allow her to explore this interest.


Francisco Vargas – FVS

Physics, Mathematics teacher in the MYP and DP

Francisco grew up in Venezuela and has been teaching in Perú for 9 years. He has a degree in Electric Engineering and a post-grad studies in Didactics of Physics. He has been a teacher during almost twenty years, 10 of them in IBO Schools as MYP-DP Math and Physics Teacher and MYP Coordinator. Francisco works for the International Baccalaureate Organization as MYP Math and Science workshop leader since 2006 and as MYP Math moderator since 2010. He is married and has two children. He loves Science in general, specially Physics and Astronomy. He is very excited to go OIS because it is a new challenge for his career and it is a very good opportunity to implement in a new school the resources that he has developed during the last years.


Gavin O’Donnell – GOL

English Language and Literature in the MYP teacher, TOK in the DP teacher

Gavin has a BA in English and Philosophy, a Law degree and a Masters in Education. He has taught Special Needs, English and Drama in Ireland, Colombia, Spain and Portugal, mainly in British Curriculum schools. In joining OIS Gavin is excited by the opportunity to engage with students through the IB programme. He sees its openness, inclusiveness and international-mindedness as a crucial means of creating a bright future for the students and the world in which they will live.


Gemma Montefiore – GME

PHE, Humanities and English Language and Acquisition in MYP teacher

Gemma is from Australia where she gained her BSc in Exercise and Health Science and a Masters in Physiotherapy. After working in Australia and the UK, Gemma has recently moved to Portugal where she now has the opportunity to teach within the International System. Gemma is passionate about the outdoors, reading, traveling, and having/promoting an active healthy lifestyle. Gemma is excited to be a part of the OIS community and teaching Humanities, PHE and English B.


James Anstis – JAS

English Language and Literature in the MYP and DP, Theory of Knowledge in the DP teacher

James has a BA in English Literature and completed his PGCE in the UK, where he worked for a few years before moving to Italy. In Rome he enjoyed teaching English Literature in the Middle and High School, where he prepared students for their GCSE exams and the IB Diploma. He strongly believes in the values promoted by the International Baccalaureate and is looking forward to being part of the excellent English Department at Oeiras. He is passionate about literature and sports, especially surfing and football. Before coming to Oeiras he was travelling around the world, and he hopes to transmit his enthusiasm and interest for different cultures to his students through literature.


Jan Van Hees – JVS

IB-DP Coordinator

Jan W van Hees joins OIS as IB Diploma Programme coordinator and teacher of MYP Design.

Born in Maastricht, the Netherlands, he holds degrees in (Digital) Media & Culture, European Politics & Administration, and a Master’s in teaching Social Studies. After he taught in a Dutch bilingual school, he worked at the IB Global Centre in The Hague, focusing on curriculum development of the DP Core and the newly established Career-related Programme. He then moved to Milan, Italy, where he successfully led the implementation of the IB DP in an Italian school, teaching English and DP History.

Jan enjoys the Great Outdoors, running, cycling, listening to – and playing – anything from punk rock to JS Bach. “Sapere Aude!” has been his personal motto for a long time. He believes OIS is a community that not only shares his values but also his interest in figuring stuff out.


Joana Almeida – JAA

Portuguese teacher in the IB-MYP

Associated to ALEM (Associação Literatura, Literacia e Mediação) and Researcher at CLEPUL (Centro de Literaturas e Culturas Lusófonas e Europeias) and Compares (Associação de Estudos Ibero-Eslavos). Professora profissionalizada de Português e Francês (Equivalent to PGCE). BA in Education/Portuguese and French studies at Universidade of Lisbon. MA in Portuguese Conteporary Literature (UL). PhD in Portuguese Literature and Culture with distinction and Honors


Joana Carvalho – JCO

Portuguese Language and Literature in the MYP teacher

Graduated from the Lisbon University with a degree in Modern Language and Literature, Joana Carvalho continued her passion for literature acquired at Lycée Français where she achieved an honorable mention in her Baccalaureate. An enthusiastic traveler, she organized to participate in the exchange programme in the Universidade Católica of Rio de Janeiro. While in Brazil, Joana completed a training in creative writing which was paramount to completing her Master’s thesis in Portugal as a Mother tongue and Second language teacher. After teaching in the Portuguese system Joana felt that she could relate more to the values promoted by the International Baccalaureate. With experience in international education, Joana joined OIS with enthusiasm and she is currently teaching Portuguese A at MYP and Diploma level. As a pioneer of Portuguese Language and Literature programme, Joana brings to OIS her joy of teaching and true dedication to her students which she hopes to inspire to be life-long learners.


Joana Vale – JVE

Librarian, PP leader in the MYP, PPS teacher in the CP teacher

Joana has a BA in Media Studies and is about to complete a MA in Communication Sciences with a focus in Communication, Organizations and New Technologies, from the Catholic University in Lisbon. Joana is committed to support teachers and students in innovative ways to pursue research, to develop a love of learning and to bring intellectual energy into the library as well as into the classrooms and the wider community. She brings to OIS a desire to learn, to teach and a commitment to share knowledge.


João Cheira – JCA

PHE in the MYP teacher

João has a degree in Sports Science and Sports Training and a Masters in Teaching Physical Education from the University of Lisbon. Since 2008, he has worked in some of the most well respected sports academies in the world (Sporting Clube de Portugal). In 2011 he founded a NGO, AJEM – Associação Juvenil Espírito de Mudança, with the aim of making the world a better place. For João, travel is one of the most exciting activities we can do; he truly believes that travelling gives us infinite opportunities to learn, develop and enrich our culture. He is an enthusiastic and committed teacher who truly believes in the IB programme and its values. João values a positive and effective teaching style where students enjoy learning. Teaching at OIS will allow João to help inspire students and promote their love of physical activity and sports.


John Brown – JBN

Psychology in the DP teacher and English Language Acquisition in the MYP teacher

John Brown, DP Psychology and MYP Spanish) Holds a BA in Secondary English & Spanish Education from Tarleton State University in Texas, USA. He has done graduate work and research in Second Language Acquisition. John´s background includes teaching Spanish in the U.S. for 15 years. During this time, he also worked with the state Educator Certification Board and was a frequent trainer and consultant for Modern Language Programmes in the state. Prior to coming to Portugal, John has lived in Spain, Germany and Turkey, and has taught Spanish, Middle School and IGCSE English, English as a Second Language and IB Psychology. John´s passions included travel, language and cultural studies, and winter sports. His most unusual hobby is skydiving.


Jorge Santos – JSS

Digital Design and Portuguese teacher in the MYP,

Jorge Santos graduated from the University Lusíada of Lisbon with a degree in Communication and Multimedia. His academic formation was related with Audio and Video edition, Pre and Post Production, Web Graphic Design and TV/Cinema/Music Video production. He then continued his academic career by taking a Postgraduate course in 3D Character modelling. He is very enthusiastic about joining OIS as the MYP Design teacher. He believes that this IB subject is one of utilizing creative tools to develop the students today and in their future life throughout this “Digital Era”.


Koen Peeters – KPS

Science teacher in the MYP

Koen was born in Mechelen, Belgium and have been teaching for more than 10 years. He was graduated in 2003 at the Thomas Moore University and obtained a bachelor degree in geography, biology and PE. Koen believes that teaching at Oeiras International School represents a unique opportunity to be a part of a wonderfully varied, rich and stimulating educational environment. Koen is very passionate about travelling and sports, especially football and surfing.


Lennart Girard – LGD

PHE and German in the MYP teacher and SEHS in DP teacher

Lennart was born in Germany, but has also lived in Australia and Indonesia. He graduated with a Master of Education in Sports Science and English Literature and language acquisition from the University of Kiel in northern Germany. Furthermore, he has a degree that enables him to teach German as a foreign language, which he acquired while teaching refugees. Last year, Lennart taught English language arts at CAISL in Sintra, but this year he will be teaching Sports Science and PHE classes at OIS. Teaching PHE and Sports science is something he is really looking forward to, since his entire life evolves around sports. In his free time Lennart plays Basketball, surfs Portugal´s magnificent waves, or enjoys reading.


Linda Patient – LPT

Individuals and Societies teacher and MUN Coordinator

Linda brings to OIS more than 20 years of experience teaching Middle Years English, Social Studies, and English and French as second languages. Linda obtained her Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta majoring in English Language Arts, specializing in reading development. Linda has taught and designed curriculum in Canada, Japan and France. Linda has attended workshops in Latvia and Malta for MYP Humanities. Linda strongly believes in community and is excited about contributing to the OIS culture which values student and parental involvement in decision-making and the development of the school.


Lorne King – LKG

English teacher in the MYP, Language Development teacher in the CP and Athletics Director

Born in Glasgow, Scotland to a proud Scottish family. After obtaining a Diploma in Theology in Pretoria he moved down to the east coast of South Africa to Durban and worked for 8 years as a youth worker. Working overseas for a sports nutrition company he returned to South Africa and moved to Cape Town, where he took up teaching and finished his Bachelors of Education at the University of South Africa while teaching at Western Province Boys Preparatory School.
He has a passion for all sports, and had experience as a sports coordinator in South Africa. Rugby has been the most dominant sport in his background.


Maria Bonito – MBO

Portuguese and Spanish in the MYP teacher

Maria is from Portugal and graduated from Instituto Superior de Gestão (ISG), with a management degree.
She lived overseas for 12 years in Barcelona, Budapest, Bucharest, Warsaw and Madrid, where she was involved with IB schools.
She loves music, action/adventure movies and she loves doing sports (cycling, running and swimming).
She believes in the values of the IB system; and learning languages makes life easier and gives all the opportunity to be involved with different cultures.
Maria is looking forward to using her experience to inspire and involve students at OIS on the IB system.


Mariana Castro – MCO

English and Portuguese Literature in the DP teacher and Portuguese

Mariana was born in Brazil, moved to Portugal when she was six, and lived for several years between Portugal and the UK. She holds a BA and a MPhil from the University of Oxford, as well as a PhD from King’s College London, all in English and Portuguese literature. While doing her post-doctorate (University of Lisbon / University of Oxford), she was an Invited Lecturer at Oxford for 10 terms, where she taught and did admissions interviewing and pastoral care.
Mariana is an expert on Fernando Pessoa and his English influences, and she continues to do research and publish widely. Her publications include the book Fernando Pessoa’s Shakespeare: The Invention of the Heteronyms and the anthology Amo como o Amor Ama: Escritos de Amor de Fernando Pessoa. She enjoys teaching both English and Portuguese, aiming to help her students develop a love of literature, critical thinking, and the skills they will need to thrive at university once they finish the DP.


Marine Gonindard – MGD

French Language and Literature in the MYP teacher and Language A in the DP teacher

Marine was born in Paris, France. She has a LL.M degrees and D.J.S from Paris 2 University. She was a lawyer for 15 years, then judge for 8 years at the correctional court. When she moved to Spain, she obtained the diploma enabling her to teach French as a second language with a major for young students. She taught French to students from Lycee Francais of Barcelona for 5 years. Now in Lisbon, Marine is excited to be joining OIS because she believes in the philosophy of the MYP and IB diploma and enjoys sharing her knowledge of French with her students. She also finds it important to keep and develop French as an language for the IB.


Neale Davies – NDS

History and Humanities teacher in the MYP and DP, Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator

Neale Davies is from Wales, with a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education. In 2010 he was awarded a Masters in History from the Open University. His earlier years in teaching were in Physical Education and latterly, Humanities in the MYP and History at Diploma level. One of his key interests at the school is the Duke of Edinburgh Program, a rich and diverse program of activities that develop the character of the individual involved, characterized in the expedition section of the award that teaches the participant that no one individual is more important than the group.


Peter Kovacs – PKS

Science and Mathematics in the MYP, Physics and Mathematics in DP teacher

Peter was born in Budapest, Hungary and he lived there until the age of 16. He studied Applied Mathematics and Business Administration in the United States as an undergraduate student and earned a Masters degree in Education from Oxford Brookes University in the UK. Prior to moving to Portugal, Peter lived in Spain, Poland, Colombia, the Republic of Georgia and Tanzania, while he also took a year off to travel around the world in 2010-11. Besides Mathematics, Peter loves football, travelling, chess, good food, coffee and wine. He is looking forward to sharing his passion for maths, science and football with students and colleagues at OIS and is very excited about living in a fabulous place like Lisbon.


Paul Stedman – PSN

Science and Chemistry in the MYP teacher and Chemistry in the DP teacher

I am indeed fortunate that my teaching career has already given me so many different opportunities to experience different cultures, perspectives and ways of life. I graduated with honours at the University of Leicester, UK and completed my teaching qualification at the University of Sheffield in 1993. So I have been teaching Science and my specialism, Chemistry, for more than 20 years. I have taught in three British Schools in Spain and Portugal and it was in Porto that I met my wife Joanne and where our three children, Isabella, Sofia and Luke were born. For the last two years our young family have lived in Jakarta, Indonesia. It has been a real education for us all. I have always been a firm believer in the aims and principles of the IB program and was delighted to take on the role of Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Coordinator in my current school. I am excited about returning to Portugal and the fascinating capital city of Lisboa. I very much look forward to being part of the OIS community as both an educator and a parent.


Paula Fitzgerald – PFD

Chemistry in the IB-MYP and IB-DP teacher

Paula FitzGerald first taught in Oeiras 30 years ago and always hoped to return. Having taught in a range of International schools in Europe, she returns to teach Chemistry at OIS. Paula spent 15 years as Head of Chemistry at Kings College Madrid prior to returning here. Paula initially graduated from QUB Belfast, followed by a postgrad in education at University College Dublin, and a further postgraduate at Edinburgh University.


Pedro Zamith – PZH

Visual Arts in the MYP and in the DP teacher

Pedro graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Fine Arts of Lisbon. He also has a BA in Scenography and Theatre Models (Superior School of Theatre and Cinema). He studied Animation at the Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian andalso has a degree in Arts Education, from the Faculdade de Psicologia in Lisbon. Pedro has 18 years’ experience of teaching Visual Arts and has mademany presentations of his ideas on the contemporary arts scene. The Centro Cultural de Belém (Museu Berardo), Museu Serralves, Appleton Square Art Gallery, Pedro Serrenho Art Gallery, Periférica Art Gallery, Dama Aflita Art Gallery, Monumental Art Gallery, Quadrum Art Gallery, Museu of Contemporary Art in Corunha have all exhibited his work, and he also has numerous publications. Pedro is teaching MYP and DP Visual Arts at OIS and believes that the IB Arts Curriculum from the IB is crucial for a complete education.


Rachel Zewde – RZE

Mathematics in the MYP and DP teacher

I was born and educated in the UK, with a Maths degree from University of Durham, followed by a PGCE (in Secondary Maths) from Bristol University. I have taught in the UK, in Ethiopia ….. then in the UK …… then in Ethiopia again! I love the challenge and variety of teaching students of all ages, abilities and backgrounds and have many years of experience working with students aged from 11 to 18, including teaching IGCSE, A-level (Pure Maths and Mechanics) and 9 years of IB (HL, SL and Maths Studies). My interests include reading, music (piano and singing), badminton, trekking and camping; I’m looking forward to doing all of these when I begin my new life in Portugal!


Ramona Dietrich – RDH

English Language Acquisition and Drama in the MYP teacher, English Language Development in the CP teacher

Ramona is a life-long learner who holds a BA in History with a minor in Medieval Studies and a Master of Science in Education. She believes that communication is the keystone to cooperation. Ramona is a Web 2.0 enthusiast and is very interested in using open-source technology in an effort to enhance learning and equip students with 21st century e-literacy skills.


Rosanne Jacobs – RJS

Science, Biology and Mathematics in the MYP teacher and Student Support Facilitator

Rosanne was born in South Africa and has a Masters and Ph.D. in the Sciences. In addition to her specialist knowledge, she is quite versatile and has the enthusiasm and passion for encouraging learning. She loves being a part of shaping young learners, giving them a love of learning and school in a holistic and nurturing way. She has many years of teaching experience in all corners of the world; Canada, South Africa, the USA and now Portugal. She has taught a range of subjects at various levels both on a one-to-one basis as well as in the classroom. Rosanne has fondness for Special Education Needs and as such, is committed to the educational wellbeing of all students. She believes in encouraging and instilling a love of learning, with the priority being, a happy successful learner. She has published several articles and has done many additional education courses. Rosanne prides herself in being able to motivate and inspire students and colleagues of all ages and walks of life, from from early childhood development and pre-primary to year 13 and beyond. She is sure that the remarkable environment found at OIS is the perfect place to do this. Her hobbies are art making, reading and swimming, and her favourite sport is cricket!


Sofia D’Orey – SDY

Digital Design and Mathematics in the MYP teacher

Sofia obtained her degree in Biomedical Engineering in 2006 from IST, Lisbon. During her time as an undergraduate student, she also started her teaching career as she was a teaching assistant for the Probability and Statistics class at her university. She then went on to obtain her PhD in Bioengineering in 2012, also from IST, having spent some time doing research at the Man-Vehicle Laboratory at MIT. Her experiences teaching also include some time spent at a Mathematics tutoring centre as well as a visiting professorship at the Faculty of Engineering of Universidade Católica, where she was responsible for the Biomechanics course of the Masters in Bio-medical Engineering. Having been both an IB MYP and Diploma student herself, she is extremely enthusiastic about becoming part of the IB world once again, now as a teacher.


Steve Bruce-Lomba – SBL

Biology in the MYP and DP teacher, Animal Husbandry Coordinator

Steve has been teaching Science and Biology for 16 years, in both the IB programmes and the British National Curriculum. He has a BSc Honours degree in Zoology from Nottingham University, a teaching certificate from Nottingham Trent University and has worked on a variety of scientific research projects as diverse as cryopreservation, the dog genome project and sudden infant death syndrome. His interests include military history, American football, and aircraft modeling. At OIS, Steve is enjoying working with progressive and talented teachers in a school that puts the students first, which is based on respect for the whole school community and where the students are happy, enjoy learning, and are ultimately successful.


William Sharpe – WSE

English and French teacher in the MYP

Mr. Sharpe is from Scotland and gained his M.A Honours Degree in French and Geography from the University of Aberdeen in 1999. He then went on to obtain a PGCE in French and PGDE in Spanish as well as an RSA/CELTA English teaching qualification. He has taught English and Modern Languages in various international schools in the United Kingdom, Spain, UAE, Egypt, Switzerland, and Albania. He was recently a member of the founding faculty at the first IB school in Albania – helping the school to achieve IB World School status in only three years. He has received extensive PYP/MYP and DP training and has experience in teaching within the Primary and Middle Years Programmes.
Mr Sharpe is passionate about language learning and helping students acquire essential skills for life, and for the interconnected world that we live in. He is also passionate about information technology, multi-media, and social media for sharing information and working collaboratively to learn and solve global problems. He is also a strong advocate of environmental awareness and asking students to come up with ideas and strategies to help solve environmental problems such as reducing plastic use and recycling.
In his spare time, Mr. Sharpe enjoys digital music production – a hobby he has followed for 30 years. Some of his relaxing music is available on Spotify, I-Tunes and Apple Music under a pseudonym. He also enjoys listening to music, following football, cycling, travel, anthropology, geography, current affairs and nature.
Mr. Sharpe is delighted now to have the opportunity to live in Portugal and to help the students at Oeiras International School break boundaries and become independent learners.


Yu Cheng – YCG

Chinese A in the MYP, Chinese Language and Literature and Mandarin Ab initio in the DP teacher

Yu studied International Commerce and Public Relations in China and Belgium respectively. She has been teaching Mandarin in Europe for 9 years. Yu has also personally written Mandarin textbooks and exercise books for her students. She has a genuine passion for teaching with a commitment to excellence. Yu is looking forward to sharing her Mandarin knowledge and Chinese culture with OIS students and believes that we can achieve better “intercultural understanding and respect” in this IB school.