MYP General Regulations – A document for all parents to read. Please direct any questions to the DP or MYP coordinators.
We are IB certified to teach the MYP. The Portuguese Ministry of Education officially recognises the OIS MYP certificates given at the end of Year 11.

MYP Coordinator Julie Horne
Service as Action Paul Stedman

Subjects on offer for the 2016/2017 school year:
Visual Arts Pedro Zamith
Drama Ramona Dietrich, Ana Dúran
Music Barbara Guimarães
Individuals and Societies Linda Patient, Neale Davies
Design Sofia D’Orey, Jorge Santos, Barbara Guimarães
Language and Literature(English) Allyson Connell, James Anstis, Gavin O’Donnell, Linda Patient
Language and Literature(Portuguese) Isabel Loureiro, Filipa Santos, Joana Carvalho
Language and Literature(French) Marine Gonindard
Language and Literature(German)
Language and Literature(Spanish) Ana Dúran
Language and Literature(Mandarin) Yu Cheng
Language Acquisition (English) Linda Patient, Ramona Dietrich, Domingas Sottomayor
Language Acquisition ( Portuguese) Isabel Loureiro, Ana Rodrigues
Language Acquisition ( Spanish ) John Brown, Ana Dúran, David Casimiro
Language Acquisition ( French ) Isabel Loureiro, Ana Paula Breysse
Language Acquisition(German)
Language Acquisition ( Mandarin ) Yu Cheng
Mathematics Francisco Vargas, André Lopes, Rachel Zewde, Sofia D’Orey
Physical and Health Education João Cheira, Lorne King, Lennart Girard
Sciences Steve Bruce-Lomba, Inês Lima, Paul Stedman, Francisco Vargas

Please consult Teacher’s Profiles for relevant emails.

– UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service): International Qualifications for entry to university or college in 2013: Appendix C: International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP