CP Welcome letter

Dear Students, Parents and Friends,

Welcome to our IBCP-IB Career related Certificate area.

We have started the programme at OIS on September, 6th, 2013 and so far this has been a very successful joint venture with ValDoRio, a Portuguese national vocational school.

ValDoRio is offering the vocational training and certification for both, Graphic Designer or Child Care technician.

OIS offers the IB-DP (Diploma) courses (students can choose any two options at SL or HL level) and the CORE consisting of the Language Development (LD) course, the Approaches to Learning (ATL) course, the CS-Service Learning project and the Reflective Project (RP), over two years.

We are planning to increase our IBCP offer from 2014 to other areas which can include Music, Flight Training and Health and Physical Education.

This newest IB qualification will allow students at the end to either apply for Universities or choose immediately the vocational career of their choice.

Enjoy reading some further information.

Yours sincerely,

Chari Empis

IBCP Coordinator


Chari Empis

Principal and CP Coordinator

IBCP Coordination


IBCP Coordinator

Chari Empis

Personal and Professional skills Coordinator

Joana do Vale

CS-IBCP Coordinator

John Brown

LD Coordinator

Ramona Dietrich

IBCP Core and DP Subject teachers

Two DP Subjects

Any on DP offer at SL or HL level



Joana do Vale


Ramona Dietrich (English)

Ana Rodrigues and Joana do Vale (Portuguese)


Francisco Vargas

Steve Bruce-Lomba

Chari Empis

Joana Vale

CS/SL advisor

John Brown

Chari Empis

Steve Bruce-Lomba for Animal Husbandry

VAL DO RIO Vocation Courses

Graphic Design Technician

Elsa Escaja (elsa.escaja@sapo.pt)

IB Programmes and Dutch equivalence

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