Homeroom Tutors for 2018-2019

Homeroom Year Tutor Email
Year 6.1 Ann Marie Drysdale ann.drysdale@oeirasinternationalschool.com
Year 6.2 Lorne King lorne.king@oeirasinternationalschool.com
Year 7.1 Steve Bruce-Lomba steve.lomba@oeirasinternationalschool.com
Year 7.2 Yu Cheng yu.cheng@oeirasinternationalschool.com
Year 8.1 Jorge Santos jorge.santos@oeirasinternationalschool.com
Year 8.2 Joana Almeida joana.almeida@oeirasinternationalschool.com
Year 8.3 José Garcia jose.garcia@oeirasinternationalschool.com
Year 9.1 William Sharpe william.sharpe@oeirasinternationalschool.com
Year 9.2 Thomas Marling thomas.marling@oeirasinternationalschool.com
Year 9.3 Bert Van Rillaer bert.vanrillaer@oeirasinternationalschool.com
Year 10.1 Linda Patient linda.patient@oeirasinternationalschool.com
Year 10.2 Gavin O’Donnell gavin.odonnell@oeirasinternationalschool.com
Year 10.3 Rachel Zewde rachel.zewde@oeirasinternationalschool.com
Year 10.4 Neale Davies neale.davies@oeirasinternationalschool.com
Year 11.1 Barbara Monteiro barbara.monteiro@oeirasinternationalschool.com
Year 11.2 James Anstis james.anstis@oeirasinternationalschool.com
Year 12.1 Barbara Guimarães barbara.guimaraes@oeirasinternationalschool.com
Year 12.2 Paul Stedman paul.stedman@oeirasinternationalschool.com
Year 13.1 Paula Fitzgerald paula.fitzgerald@oeirasinternationalschool.com
Year 13.2 Joana Do Vale joana.vale@oeirasinternationalschool.com
Year 13.3 Alexandre Gelister alexandre.gelister@oeirasinternationalschool.com

Senior Tutors

Position Year 6 to Year 9 Senior Tutor
Name Lorne King
Email lorne.king@oeirasinternationalschool.com
Position Year 10 and Year 11 Senior Tutor
and Counsellor
Name Gavin O’Donnell
Email gavin.odonnell@oeirasinternationalschool.com
Position Year 12 and Year 13 Senior Tutor
Name Alexandre Gelister
Email alexandre.gelister@oeirasinternationalschool.com

Homework Policy

We at OIS believe that regular homework is necessary to support students’ understanding in the subjects. Homework is set by teachers in their subjects and students take down the details in their homework diaries, on the day that it is set. Homework can be completed during the 4-5pm homework club by younger students, with support from older mentors and the teacher in charge.

For the Diploma students, it should be realised that two hours per night is an absolute minimum and more will often be required.


Y6 & Y7 – 30 mins a night Mon-Thursday (no H/W Friday unless needing to catch up)

Y8 & Y9 – 1 hr per night (Mon-Fri)

Y10 & Y11 – 1 hr 30 mins per night (Mon-Fri)

DP – 2 hrs per night (Mon-Fri)